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1202 Hydrostatic Testing System

1202 Hydrostatic Testing System

The Model 1202 is a robust and easy to operate system designed to be used for both hydrostatic testing and water leakage rate testing. The 1202 is composed of three major components; a color touch screen, motor speed controller/hydrostatic pump and turbine flow meter. In addition to the touch screen controlled trip points, mechanical over-pressure relief valves are provided on both the inlet and outlet lines for added safety. The outlet relief valve set-point is user adjustable over a wide range. An internal pulsation dampener is used to minimize water hammer and flow oscillations. This easy to maneuver wheeled testing system also features built-in tool drawers and a locking top over the control panel.

Color Touch Screen

The color touch screen provides both a real time display of all important parameters as well as motor speed control. The 1202 may be fully configured and controlled from the touch screen. Inlet pressure, water temperature, outlet water pressure and water flow rate are all digitally displayed on the screen. Automatic motor trip points for low inlet pressure, high water temperature and high discharge pressure may be viewed and/or set. This adds a whole new level of control and operational safety.

Controller / Pump
The 1202 incorporates a variable motor speed controller to operate the pump. This controller communicates with the pump to increase or decrease flow and pressure. By utilizing the color touch screen, the user can both adjust and monitor the motor speed, test pressure and flow rate in real time. Control of flow rate maximizes pump run times by minimizing water heating in no/low flow conditions.

Flow Meter
The field proven technology of the turbine flow meter delivers the 1202 excellent flow accuracy. It features a 0.25% of reading accuracy over a 100 to 1 turn-down ratio. The flow meter is reliable and provides excellent stability.

Weight: 400 lb
Display: 7” color HMI widescreen display

Drive / Pump: 480 VAC Three-Phase, 21 Amps Max

Flow Meter
Accuracy: ±0.25% of reading from (0.08 to 8) gpm  

Inlet Pressure Transducer
Range: (0-250) psig
Accuracy: ±1,25psi

Outlet Pressure Transducer
Range: (0-3000) psig    


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