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Calibrated Orifices

Calibrated Orifices

For use as flow rate standards or gas metering. Graftel LLC. can provide stainless steel orifices calibrated to flow at a specified rate for a specified inlet pressure for most gasses.

All orifices are provided with NIST traceable calibrations performed by Graftel in compliance with ISO 17025-2005 as certified by L.A.B. For nuclear power applications 10 CFR 50 Appendix B and 10 CFR Part 21 may be applied.

Standard orifice configurations available. Custom configurations machined in our shop available quickly and without custom charges.

Orifices can be provided for the below gases, ranges of inlet pressures and flow rates.

Gas: Air, nitrogen, oxygen, argon, helium, hydrogen, methane, propane, acetylene, ethane, (other gases upon special request)

Vacuum: 0 to 30 “ Hg

Pressure: 0 to 2000 psig

Flow Rate:  0.1 to 1500 slpm (0.0002 to 3200 scfh)

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