Graftel Flow Meters

Graftel clamp on and in-line flow meters

GRAFTEL offers a variety of modern high precision in-line and non-invasive clamp on flow meters, which can be catered to the customer needs in the nuclear industry. We can also can accommodate on-site training and support from our experienced technicians who are also badged for unescorted access in nuclear plants across the country.





An ideal nuclear flow meter for service water and IST (In Service Testing) that utilizes the latest in non-invasive passive sonar technology. The SONARtrac is the superior alternative to any type of clamp-on style ultrasonic flow meter. Nuclear stations have observed  reductions of high-frequency and resource-intensive preventive maintenance (PMs) performed on critical and noncritical systems when using the SONARtrac flow meter.

These meters have the ability to measure volumetric flow and calculate the amount of entrained gas in a fluid. Sonar array flow meters use an array of sensors and passive sonar processing algorithms to detect, track, and measure the velocities of coherent disturbances traveling in the axial direction in a pipe.

Close to 3,000 systems installed on industrial process including mining, oil sands production, pulp & paper, food processing, fossil fired and nuclear power plants.

Their ability to conduct flow measurements where the measurement location has less than ideal flow conditions has been demonstrated.



Graftel's unique High Accuracy Replacement for Orifice Plates, Venturies, and Other Flow Measurement Devices

For Process Flow Rate Measurement of Liquids, Gasses, Steam or Two Phase Flow

• Accuracies of 0.2% of Reading

• Accuracy Unaffected by Entrance and Exit Lengths

• Reduced System Pressure Drop

• Reduced Vibration

• Elimination of Scaling for Most Fluids

• Direct Drop-in Replacement to an Orifice

Lab Calibrations Retain Full Accuracy in the Field Even
for Flow Meters Installed Close to Bends, Valves,
Junctions and Other Disturbances

Originally designed for use in space shuttle main engines.