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Graftel Induction Flow Meter MODEL: GT-IN-2000

Magnetic Flow Meter, Induction Flow Meter

The Graftel GT-IN-2000 Series induction/magnetic flow meters are designed for measurement of conductive liquids. With no moving parts and a PTFE lining, they can handle applications involving wastewater, pulp, food, and slurries. Standard outputs include analog, frequency, and RS485 communications.

The induction flow meter consists of a sensor through which the measured liquid flows, and an electronic unit where the low-level signal from the sensor is modified to a standardized form suitable for further processing in various industrial electronic devices. The output signal is proportional to the volume flow rate of the measured liquid. The only factor limiting the application of induction flow meters is the requirement that the measured liquid shall be conductive and non-magnetic. The induction flow meter can be designed either as a compact device or with the sensor separated from the associated electronic unit. In the former case, the electronic unit is fitted directly onto the meter sensor, in the latter case it is connected to the sensor by a special cable.

The sensor design shall take into consideration the type of the measured liquid and its operational parameters. To facilitate fitting into the liquid piping, the sensor can be provided with end flanges, screwing, or it may be of a sandwich design.        

Graftel Induction Flow Meter MODEL: GT-IN-2000 Sizing/Flow Rates

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