LRM Extended Service Program

For a flat rate Graftel will open a two year window for you to send in covered Leak Rate Monitors for service

Graftel offers a Leak Rate Monitor extended service program. This can greatly benefit new or existing customers. Graftel can perform all warranty work on-site including the RCA on contaminated LRMs. If work is performed on-site, training in use of equipment to LLRT crew can be given during same visit.


The Extended Service Program Includes:

  • Repair or replacment of any broken components
  • Leak check LRM, ensure entire LRM is bubble tight
  • Verify all electrical connections secure
  • Install latest hardware modifications (if any)
  • Update touchscreen firmware
  • Provide latest user manual
  • Provide training material and/or videos addressing updated made
  • Perform as found information on flow meters / pressure transmitters
  • Clean, flush, and readjust flow meters to optimum settings
  • Perform as-left calibration on flow meters/pressure transmitter