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Model 1402 Mini Leak Rate Monitor

The 1402 is a “mini” version of our 1401 LRM

The Model 1402 is a ground up new design in leak rate monitors.

The 1402 is a “mini” version of our 1401 LRM.  It is designed for instances where lower flow rates are observed.  Using two ranges, a 400 to 1 turn-down ratio is achieved with a 1% of full scale accuracy over each of the two  ranges. Full scale flow ranges up to 5 slpm may be ordered.

This unit has two flow ranges and two pressure channels. The 1402 quantifies the component’s leakage rate by maintaining a constant gas pressure against the barrier being tested while measuring the gas flow rate needed in order to maintain that pressure constant.


Innovative Design Features

Automatic Operation: The 1402 touchscreen program controls an internal solenoid valve to set the quick fill configuration and it switches automatically from the quick fill configuration to test configuration once the test pressure has reached and stabilized. The touch screen program then automatically directs the flow to the meter with appropriate flow range.

USB Data Capture: Touch screen enables user to save test data on a USB flash-drive. Customized Data Recording Options: The test data file name can be customized by the user to indicate the valve number/ test location and the initials of the tester. These custom file names can be manually entered through the touchscreen or uploaded onto the permanent memory of touchscreen using a USB flash drive.

Re-Calibration: The two flow meters and the two pressure gauges can also be re-calibrated and adjusted through the touch-screen interface.

Automated Calibration: (optional) The 1402 leak rate monitor is fully compatible with Fluke Calibration software, Compass (Enhanced) to provide an automated and efficient calibration process.  The 1402 offers the capability to utilize Compass (Enhanced) to provide stand-alone, hands-free, automatic calibration of its three internal flow meters. Using the Compass software along with a flow standard such as the Fluke molbocs, the user has the ability to perform a full calibration of the 1402 leak rate monitor.  Through the Compass interface, the user is able to collect and view as found data for all meters and determine whether adjustments are necessary. After adjustments, the user is able to collect and view as left data and export all required results into an Excel format file.

Diagnostic Check: New color touchscreen program enables the user to run

diagnostics onall flow and pressure sensors to check for any problems and save the results on a USB flash drive. The results can then be emailed to Graftel so that we can help you identify and troubleshoot any issues.

ALARA: The 1402 offers an automatic quick filling and ranging system. The automatic      operation of the 1402 LRM allows for the user to set up the LRM in a high dosage area, leave it there in quick fill mode and then return to record the points. The physical presence of the operator is no longer  required for much of the LRMs operation. This can reduce the   dosage of the  operating personnel significantly.

WiFi: (optional) A WiFi option is offered that allows the user to see and control the touchscreen on a LAN connected PC. Data can be wirelessly transmitted from the LRM to PC and enable real time trending/data analysis.

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