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Model 9623-7-ST4 Leak Rate Standard

A compact, light-weight and rugged rig designed for a use as a portable flow standard.

The Model 9623-7 ST4 is a compact, light-weight and rugged rig designed for a use as a portable flow standard. This is the perfect device to perform field calibrations on our Model 9623-07 leak rate monitors. All of the instrumentation is digital. This improves stability and minimizes instrument drift over time. Four wide range laminar flow meters are used to allow both very small and very large leakage rates to be measured.

Each meter may be calibrated by digitally setting the meter’s zero and span from the touch screen display. The meters may also be zeroed prior to each used with a touch screen zero button. A high accuracy digital pressure gauge is used measure the test volume's pressure in units of psig. A precision pressure regulator is used. This regulator may be configured by the user as a venting or non-venting regulator. The monitor may be powered by a 12 or 24 VDC power supply. This may be supplied by either the external battery or by the included wall power module.


High Accuracy Pressure Regulator
0 to 100 psig outlet pressure

Touch Screen Display 

Four Ranges of Laminar element flow meters
Full Scale of Each Range Specified by User
6 to 1 turn down ratio recommended
Accuracy: 0.5% of Full Scale
Repeatability: 0.25% of Full Scale
Max Pressure: 100 psig

Full Scale: 100 psig
Accuracy: 0.2% of FS 

12 or 24 vdc wall power supply or 12 volt battery
Center Pin Positive

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