On site leak rate monitor calibration and repair

Leak Rate Monitor and Gas Flow Meter Calibration and Repair at Your Facility

Graftel can calibrate and repair Local Leakage Rate Monitors on your site. This includes contaminated LRMs inside of the RCA. Our team of experience technicians have all been recently badged US nuclear power plants and are experience in working inside of the RCA.

For those critical gas flow meters that just can’t leave your site, Graftel, LLC. now offers calibration services at your facility.


Gas Flow Measurement, up to 1500 slm, (3000 scfh)

Graftel uses a set of PC controlled portable laminar flow elements to achieve laboratory gas flow measurement and calibration accuracies of up to 0.5% of reading at your facility. The following gas flows may be measured; air, nitrogen, hydrogen, helium, propane, argon, methane,ethylene, carbon dioxide, oxygen and acetylene. Other gases or custom mixtures maybe used upon request.

Graftel, LLC. can calibrate almost all types of LRMs and flow meters with accuracies of up to 0.5% of reading.

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