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Heat Exchanger Thermal Performance Monitoring

Graftel 1700 Series Wired and Wireless Hx Performance Monitoring

Real time local or cloud based heat exchanger performance monitoring 
This new line of live thermal performance monitoring systems are ideal fora variety of industries that rely on maintaining their process specific equipment in order to optimize process efficiency, and maximize company profits.

Industry Applications For Process Optimization 
-Nuclear Power Generation
-Oil & Gas 
-Pulp and Paper
-Server Cooling
-Petro Chemical 
-Iron/Stealmaking & Metallurgy

Highly Adaptive Remote Solution
Used to monitor and diagnose Heat Exchangers. This cost-efficient cloud based solution, with easy to install data acquisition hardware, is designed to accommodate various configurations of heat exchangers. The solutions secure and easy to use cloud platform may be run independently or on GE’s new Predix platform.

Any Time Anywhere Live Monitoring on the Cloud
Graftel's systems offers remote real-time process monitoring and diagnostics tools.Parameters that can be monitored include flow rates &
temperatures at the heat exchanger, heat transfer rates, heat transfer efficiencies, effective mean temperature difference, overall fouling resistance and measurement uncertainties, etc.The turnkey data acquisition hardware is highly adaptive to ensure the measurement of all process parameters giving the user a complete picture of their heat exchanger. Hardware may also be used to read existing plant instruments. With an easy to install design, the hardware may even be used at locations where wiring is hard/expensive to route. This is achieved using a secure low energy Bluetooth network.