High Range Gas Flow Calibration

NIST Traceable and ISO 17025 Certified Flow Rate Measurements

gas flow calibration lab

Graftel is now offering very high range gas flow rate calibration services. Flow rates up to 5000 SCFM (141,584 SLPM)(370 LBM/MIN) may be performed. These calibrations are performed in our laboratory with accuracies up to 0.22% of reading. These accuracies are achieved using our primary sonic nozzles calibration standards.

Applications for these calibrations include: Laminar Flow Elements, Turbine Meters, Rotameters, Coriolis Meters, Insertion Mass Flow Meters, Thermal mass flow Meters and many others.
Valve or Flow System Characterizations can also be performed to the same high accuracies.

Please call or e-mail us for further information or to receive a quote for our calibration services.