High Pressure Liquid Flow Calibration

Graftel is now offering high pressure water flow calibrations at pressures up to 1000 psig and flow rates of up to 50 gpm.

These calibrations are performed in our laboratory with accuracies up to 0.06% of reading.

These accuracies are achieved using our primary mass-time weighing system and precision controlled water supply system.

Applications for these calibrations include: Delta P Venturi Flow Meters, Cavitating Venturies, Adjustable Area Venturi Valves, Turbines Flow Meters, Positive Displacement Meters and Orifice Plates.


Almost any high pressure water flow meter can be calibrated in our lab.

For applications, (except turbine flow meters) that require calibration for liquids other than water, Graftel can calibrate with water and accurately correct by calculation to the desired fluid.

Valve or Flow System Characterizations can also be performed to the same high accuracy.


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